Puddle Jump

Latest project for Bent Image Lab

This was a commissioned project for Bent Image Lab. I was hired by the director and creator to do set & prop fabrication and set dressing. Materials included foam, cement, twine, wood, foliage, sculpey,  cut paper, expanding foam, medical tape and lots of other miscellaneous items. Overall, I am happy with the final product. I wish that we had a bigger budget for paint.



This was a personal project aimed at developing a bold color palette. The primary materials used in this project were cut paper (no laser cutting), wire, and yarn. I wanted to build up the stands with various layers of foliage to give the work depth. I was greatly inspired by Ernst Haeckel, a German biologist, naturalist, and philosopher. I implemented some of the techniques I used from the landscape department at Laika. A lot of pre-planning was required to get the curves and shape of the flowers correct. Currently I am still very happy with the way these turned out. I would probably make certain changes to the finish of the wire stalk.


  Alien Landscape

 I started on making the mood board and visual development work based on a terrain similar to that I had seen after my travels across the country. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete this project due to up and moving to Portland to work for Laika. The hands were casted but never made it onto my little creature and the mountains in the background were very much a work in progress. before I used fabric, sculpey, hard styling clay, acrylic paint, foam core, leather, plasticine, and even learned about native american beading. The goal was to create something unusual. To implement a landscape that I was not quite used to in my daily life. I had intended to make a short animation loop of both characters playing music and dancing. Today, I would spend a little more time on the puppet planning and post work/compositing. If all the assets weren’t miles away, I would like to finish this project.

Current work in progress

Elvis Presley in his Jailhouse attire. Working on this over the next couple of weeks for my Posable Puppets class taught by former Laika employee, Katy Strutz.


My tendency is to make outdoor scenes. I love nature and everything from vast landscapes to the tiny details of a flower. For this personal project I wanted to make interior assets. Something that would be seen in a house. Of course that wouldn’t be without my own botanical flair, including a tree stump table and vines growing around this itty bitty bench. I feel unsatisfied with this work. I think that that the craftsmanship could have been a bit neater and more precise.


The biggest challenge of this project was space, i had none. My goal was to do something stylistically different, so I decided to make it geometric and have non-realistic iconic-driven colors. I think the blue translated well in that it very much looks like a blistery cold place to live. This was made out of carved foam and although I thought of covering it in plaster-weld, I used paper mâché instead. The Yurts are clay with a bit of paper decoration for embellishment. I feel pretty good about the overall look of this project. I think the Yurts should look more weathered, or even be made in leather or some other fabric material. I also learned of the magic of lighting since I think that so much of the final images success is due to the lighting.


This industrial feel took a lot of layering to get to the point that it is now. This was a commissioned project that I took on because it was out of my usual comfort zone. Overall I am ecstatic about the way it came out. It was made from wooden dowels, left over packing foam, and small printed and distressed signage.


Bag Dress

This was a commissioned project where I challenge myself to use only brown paper and glue but no scissors. I thought this was an extremely tactful exercise and yielded an unusual and aesthetically pleasant outcome.



My first attempt at a stop motion landscape. I was inspired by Cartoon Networks, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends. The houses were made of cardboard and I used plasticine, sculpey, wood, hard styling clay, wire and foam for the rest. A mixture of paint and sand/gravel made up the fake asphalt. This was a big learning experience for me. I do not think the final image is very cohesive and would make a lot of changes if I had the chance. It was something that I had to start and finish and then move on.


 Gouache paint on watercolor paper

Digital Flowers

Based on tropical flowers that I saw at an observatory. Done in photoshop.


Cut Paper

Cutting paper soothes the soul.



I like to quickly paint images and cut them out and super impose them over natural environments. I wouldn’t really call this a project but it is something I enjoy doing in my spare time.



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