50 ft long window painting!


This Window painting was Co-designed between another graphic designer and myself. I researched and executed the entire painting over the course of a month. I did this painting while being a graphic designer for the Global Learning Center at Rochester Institute of Technology. The colors have faded a little (the train had a bright orange stripe to represent RIT’s school colors). I apologize for the poor image quality. Since I no longer live in Rochester I had a friend take photos with their phone.

Mountain Giant


The weather has been absolutely lovely recently. I am excited to spend my first summer in portland! I struggled with this piece for a very long time. I started strong but I kept getting bogged down with options I was too afraid might take my project in the wrong direction. So I did some sketching to give myself a better idea of what direction I wanted and finally pulled together the last 10% of it today. The picture quality isn’t great. My small lens is broken so I have to stand up against the wall as far away as possible to fit the mountain in the frame. But here you go you lovely folks! Enjoy your weekend.