Week 1

Hey guys,

So I moved to Portland to work for LAIKA. I’m currently couch surfing till I can move into my apartment in the SE! I’m sorry I’ve been a bit slow on the updates. This week has been absolutely crazy. LAIKA is a small wonderful place and getting to be a part of it blows my mind repeatedly. Went and saw The Accidentals and Martin Sexton last night because I met their Tour manager this summer at Electric Forest and he got me on the guest list. Wootwoot. Anyway, this is more of a blogesque type of post but I promise I’ll have some new things to show next week that are art related.

An Unexpected Day

I decided to quit my job at Staples yesterday because the environment there was not for me. Today I opened my computer in search of something, anything better. When I opened my email I couldn’t comprehend what I was reading. A Laika recruiter I had spoken to awhile back had reached out to me asking me if I was available. An immediate opening had arose and I’m their pick. She was wondering if I could swing it.


Guess i’m moving to Portland!


Process Shots

Happy new years everyone!

This year is going to be great! I’ve already met up with some other artist on a collaboration for a 2-5 min movie for the coming months. Not quite done with this guy yet but soon.

I also got to meet Robert Maya at his studio who is a phenomenal artist. He is going an 18ft piece for a comic convention this February. He was so gracious as to give me a silicone two sided puppet! ❤

maxresdefault.jpg                ^^^^               Look there! This is the puppet he gave me.