The story of Kent Melton

While at CTNx Kent Melton told a story so moving I had to write a little excerpt about it.


Kent was never taught art, in fact, he had never been in an art class room in his entire life until the first time he was asked to teach some folks at Disney during his first year there as a full time hired employee. He described his struggle as an artist to be a particularly hard one. His parents were fundamentalist, and as such they didn’t condone an type of art profession as an adult. Adults shouldn’t do art is what they believed. But one day many years later, after his mother had passed, he was cleaning out the attic of their old house and he found a box. Inside this box was a pile of drawings he had done and tossed away throughout the years. His mother had gone though the trash and cherry picked the ones she liked. This nearly brought tears to his eyes as he said, “It felt like her spirit was guiding me to the box.”

– The End

Now for a funny story

Chris Sickels Fan boying over Kent Melton

Kent told another story about he liked to spend his free time painting or working with other things besides just sculpture. He decided to create this musical instrument that his wife plays and combine it with some other sort of instrument. I do not remember the names of these instruments but apparently one traditionally has a bust at the head of it. So he did a small sculpture of his wife for the bust and gave it to her as a gift. Smiling, his words were, “I got a lot of points for that one.” Making a point that the usual artist makes art for their family last.

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