Mars meets Arizona

Hey guys, it’s almost Christmas! Got bogged down for a few days making presents for everyone but i’m back at it. Just making sure the perspective on everything is going well. Getting excited about this project. I think were going to do a short looped shot with a desert feel and then repaint the set to be a winter scene. This weekend i’ll be doing basket weaving and beading as well, always happy to learn new crafts!



The Bear Song



Look familiar huh? I’ve had this little guy since I was 3. But back when I was around 18 my friend and I came up with a story about a bear who is tormented by his inner hunter. He loves nature and is very sensitive to the life of the forest, but once he gets a whiff of honey it’s like the animal inside him goes wild. He feels shame and guilt at his inability to keep himself from destroying all the bee hives around him. The song my buddy Aaron wrote for this section of the script is absolutely amazing. It’s one of those projects that has been a dream of mine to complete one day. I’ve been playing with it for years. It’s about at a 40 min script with 4-5 original songs, a coolcool dog, and an evil alpha ant named Ivan.

For the Bear song click righttt here -> Bear Song