Studio Day

Setting up the scene in the garage studio today. Making sure everything looks cohesive and proportionate. Examining lighting, perspective, and composition.

I made a thing today! It was quite simple but I was outside wondering how to use three strings using one movement to create a slithering snake. I came up with this idea of using a dowel with three strings at different attachment locations so when I move the dowel the strings move vertical at different intervals. I applied this to my clouds and voila!

The creator of Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Craig McCracken, is also the creator of the Power Puff Girls. While I was building the houses I kept thinking back to PPG. I didn’t know why so I turned to google.


Their house! The color scheme is the same as one of the houses I painted without knowing it. Subliminally calling out to me, “cataaaliiinaaa, power puff girllls.” Mystery Solved.

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