Guess what I got today!

So i’ve been super busy today and haven’t been able to create any new content for my Tape project but I did get one absolutely wonderful thing today!


Dragonframe! Beats using my old broken galaxy s4.

And yes if you were wondering those are baby squirrels on my vest. Made me think of this horrific yet adorable video… Squirrel!

Catcha on the flip side guys. Keep it saucy!

Studio Day

Setting up the scene in the garage studio today. Making sure everything looks cohesive and proportionate. Examining lighting, perspective, and composition.

I made a thing today! It was quite simple but I was outside wondering how to use three strings using one movement to create a slithering snake. I came up with this idea of using a dowel with three strings at different attachment locations so when I move the dowel the strings move vertical at different intervals. I applied this to my clouds and voila!

The creator of Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Craig McCracken, is also the creator of the Power Puff Girls. While I was building the houses I kept thinking back to PPG. I didn’t know why so I turned to google.


Their house! The color scheme is the same as one of the houses I painted without knowing it. Subliminally calling out to me, “cataaaliiinaaa, power puff girllls.” Mystery Solved.

Tape Day 2

Just a few process shots from today


Woke up this morning and immediately started playing around with the bike. Of course silly me dropped it and broke the wheel. Just gives it character right?

The two side images are the backgrounds for the interior homes. The center is a small hand I made. I ended up covering it in medical tape and then giving it a few coats of latex.

Thats all for now folks!


I’ve been in southern California for just over a month now. I absolutely love the weather here and have no regrets about uprooting my life to come to the west coast. This past weekend I got the amazing opportunity to go to the annual CTNx animation expo. Everyone there was talented and yet so humble. It was a surreal experience that I will never forget. I got to meet with my favorite artist, Chris Sickles, from rednosestudio and hear Kent Melton,Disney/Laika sculptor, talk about the hardships he faced trying to make it as an artist.

Anyway, this week my focus has been on the word Tape. It didn’t take me long before an idea came to me. A young boy trying to repair his old fashioned red bike with some tape. I was drawn to this concept because I am one of those believers who fall into the category “Tape can fix anything.” In fact, I make a point to keep a roll of duck tape handy nearly wherever I go.

Top Right: Bottom: Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends
Inspiration Board

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends has been on the brains recently. I like the playful corky asymmetry against the strong bold and somewhat monochromatic color schemes. I derived my composition from the top right illustration. The way the sky scrapers in the background created a forced perspective really stuck out to me.


A bike I found at Ashley’s Furniture while I was walking around looking for inspiration. Coincidentally, I had drawn out a bike just before finding this one.


Me attempting to keep as much of the wheel off the table as possible while the paint dried.


Fosters Home inspired Houses
Testing out the bike:

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